Coming soon to central London

A new immersive product experience

Situ Live, is coming to the heart of London. Our first venue will be our flagship. Our aim is to expand across the UK and Internationally over the next few years.

Be part of the Retail Revolution. Be part of Situ Live.

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A new kind of shopping experience

Consumers are overwhelmed with choice. Browsing or comparing online can be a minefield, while trawling the shops is painful. They want to make more informed and relevant decisions – this opens up a new and ground breaking opportunity to turn regular retail into something that changes how people experience products and shop forever.

If we remove the restrictive aspect of traditional retail stores and combine it with the power of online technology, then we can finally have the best of both worlds, a new kind of shopping experience that we call a ‘living magazine’.

These multi-brand, cross-category venues will offer consumers lifestyle ‘stories’ that bring innovative products to life in a relatable context.

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Product magic

Showcase your products like never before

We’ll help you unlock the true value of your products and services by bringing them to life in our magazine-style environment. We’re talking about a highly engaging flagship venue in central London, which will showcase your products like never before.

People are more likely to buy into what you sell if they can feel the relevance and experience the benefits in a true-to-life context. Instead of relying on reviews on a website, or display models in store, consumers can immerse themselves in your brand.

With our innovative living magazine you can highlight the tangible everyday benefits behind your products, connecting you with your target audience on a much deeper level.

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Immerse yourself

The magazine-style magic happens with a mixture of offline and online creativity

We’ve designed realistic, immersive, lifestyle theatres in our flagship venue, where fully working products are brought to life, to be explored and experienced.

How could your smart fridge change a consumer's life when just displayed in an electronics store? How could your smart speaker change a consumer's life if they've never heard, or seen, it in action?

Our passionate and highly trained team will deliver walkthroughs and demos of your product, to drive consumers direct to your brand store.

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Delivering discovery through fun

We act as a living magazine, a place where consumers are free to have fun, try new things out and see how products can enhance their own lives, while our passionate and highly trained teams can deliver walkthroughs and demos.

With our innovative editorial format, you can highlight the tangible everyday benefits behind your products, connecting you with your target audience on a much deeper level.

Gateway to D2C stores

We don’t sell anything, we sell everything

At Situ Live we don’t stock any product as we believe consumers would prefer to discover products and then buy at their leisure. Visitors to the venue can scan a QR code of anything they like in the venue, or come to for reliable online advice, and then buy direct from your brand, or from a choice of selected retailers. will generate standalone leads of consumers who just want reliable online advice. With engaging editorial stories, video buying guides, and intelligent product recommendations, we’ll be able to give consumers all the guidance they need.

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Retail: The Quantum Shift

Retail is broken. But it’s not dead yet. It’s time to rethink retail. Brands are frustrated by outdated commercial models, as innovative products are lost in the shuffle and left on the shelves. Making an impact and building brand love is going to take a radical new approach.

Our latest report looks at the frustrations of brands and consumers alike. It explores the reasons many are heading online to replace the physical experience, and why this isn’t the answer. Brands need to enter a new era of experiential retail. Engaging and inspiring customers directly, and bringing products to life with a genuine ‘wow’ factor.

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